Ukraine: one year anniversary of Russian’s invasion

  • 24 Feb 2023

NUJ urges members to donate to the International Federation of Journalists’ safety fund providing support and assistance to Ukrainian journalists.

24 February marks one year since the start of Russia’s war on Ukraine. 12 journalists have been killed in the past year, making the country the highest ranking for deaths in the annual IFJ Kill list report.

Journalists in Ukraine have reported from conflict zones as Russian forces target vehicles marked ‘Press’ and continue to shell and destroy communities. Power outages have had a detrimental impact on the work of the media, with information delayed as journalists work in blackouts with outdated equipment.

Donations to the IFJ-EFJ safety fund including those from NUJ members, helped create Journalists’ Solidarity Centres managed by the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU). They provide support to journalists who can access electricity at no cost, and continue to access resources and safe conditions necessary for their work.

Hanna Chernenko, a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) reflects on working as a journalist throughout the war, and the need for training, equipment, and mental health support due to the psychological effects of conflict. Read her full interview with the IFJ.  

The NUJ stands in solidarity with journalists in Ukraine and calls on members to donate where able, to ensure assistance can continue. Donate to support journalists in Ukraine.

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