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What the NUJ can do for you

Helpful resources are also available on the London Freelance Branch website including Rate for the job, where you can access and confidentially submit pay rates for commissions. You'll also find an interest calculator for late payments and The Freelance magazine published regularly. 

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The Authors' Licencing and Collecting Society (ALCS) is an organisation that collects money due to its members for secondary rights of their work, for example photocopying and repeat use via the internet. It also campaigns to ensure writers receive fair and adequate payment.



DACS is a not-for-profit visual artists’ rights management organisation. DACS collects and distributes royalties to visual artists and their estates.




Freelance publications

Freelance Charter detail
Freelance Charter

10-point charter for freelances rights and benefits.

19 November 2020
The Freelance Ready Reckoner 2019-2020

This Ready Reckoner is intended for use by freelance journalists working from their own premises. It is based on a detailed comparison of the costs fo...

14 January 2020
Holiday pay graphic
Holiday pay campaign leaflet

Should you be getting paid holiday?

05 November 2019
Holiday pay graphic
Guidance for workplace reps on employment status

When is a casual not a casual?

05 November 2019
Small Claims Court guide

A Guide to the Small Claims Procedure in the County Court for Recovering Monies Owed.

02 August 2019
Guidance for freelances on the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Guidance on the business implications of GDPR obligations for freelances.

12 April 2018
Cover: Copyright for journalists and writers
Copyright for journalists and writers

This booklet is for people who are trying to make a living by creative work, particularly journalism.

30 October 2016
Guidelines for MPS staff on dealing with media reporters, press photographers and television crews

Members of the media are not only members of the public; they can influence the way the Metropolitan Police Service is portrayed.

13 April 2013

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Covid resources

Coronavirus graphic
NPCC: Working with journalists during Covid-19 outbreak

National Police Chiefs Council guidance on working with journalists during the Covid-19 outbreak.

31 March 2020
Coronavirus graphic
Coronavirus - advice for freelances

Freelances make up around a third of the NUJ membership and the union is here to help its freelance members during the coronavirus pandemic.

18 March 2020
Coronavirus graphic
Updated guidance on statutory sick pay, CJRS, SEISS

Latest guidance on Covid-19 financial packages for freelances.

05 November 2020

NUJ advice on Covid-19


Freelance news

DM2023 logo
DM2023: freelance issues

The appalling rates offered to freelances were discussed by delegates.

28 April 2023
NUJ logo (website).png
Registration open for NUJ Freelance tax seminar

NUJ freelances and those thinking of going freelance can join a free online seminar on taxation being held on 7 February.

18 January 2023
Larry Herman/Pierre Alozie
NUJ pays tribute to photographer and long-time activist Larry Herman

A stalwart of the London Freelance Branch, he was known as a tenacious agitator.

05 January 2022

Freelance news