Freelance Charter

  • 19 Nov 2020

10-point charter for freelances rights and benefits.

Freelance Charter

The Covid-19 crisis has further marginalised already vulnerable freelances working across the media industry – this NUJ Freelance Rights Charter demands improved protections and benefits regardless of employment status.

Support our call for a Fair Deal for Freelances, where all freelances have the right to:

  1. Trades union collective bargaining to improve terms and conditions for freelances side by side with staff
  2. Fair written contracts free from the threat of disadvantage for asserting their rights
  3. Respect for their creators’ rights and unwaivable moral rights
  4. Equalised rights with employees including; sick pay; maternity, paternity and parental leave; unemployment benefit; full access to benefits and social securities
  5. Choice over how they freelance and are taxed, with an end to advance tax payments
  6. Work free from pressure to operate on a PAYE basis, or to incorporate, or work through umbrella companies
  7. Equal health and safety protections including parity of training, insurances and security provision
  8. Fair fees and terms, and prompt payments
  9. Dignity and respect at work, free from bullying, harassment or discrimination, with parity of access to grievance procedures
  10. Equal professional rights, including the right to protect sources, seek information and uphold ethical standards

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