The union campaigns on a range of issues of concern to members. Priorities are set democratically at the delegate meeting.

Artificial intelligence: journalism before algorithms

The NUJ’s AI campaign calls for urgent regulatory oversight promoting ethical approaches that centres the work of journalists.

02 February 2024

Real Say, Better PAy

The NUJ has achieved union recognition at PA Media.

20 February 2024

Let’s Stop SLAPPs

UK and Irish governments must take action now to protect journalists and stop the abuse of lawsuits through SLAPPs.

12 September 2023


Too many job adverts do not include the salary, and research shows this disadvantages women, disabled workers and black and minority ethnic workers.

12 March 2024


The NUJ is campaigning against the BBC's plans to cut local radio.

31 May 2023

Student recruitment

Build successful recruitment campaigns and encourage activism using union resources.

31 August 2023

Fair Deal for Freelances

The NUJ's major campaign to fight for a better deal for freelances.

24 August 2023

Pay campaign

The NUJ's 2023 pay campaign calls for fair pay across journalism, providing practical support to chapels in their engagement with employers.

01 September 2023

Equal pay and the gender pay gap

A yawning gender pay gap favouring men has been revealed in recent years by media companies forced to publish data under new regulations.

14 May 2024

Hands Off Our BBC

Why we need to promote & protect the BBC and public service broadcasting

05 March 2020

News Recovery Plan

The NUJ has launched a News Recovery Plan for the UK and Ireland to sustain the press and media through the Covid-19 crisis and reinvigorate the industry into a reimagined future. It sets out a bold set of measures and interventions to support and protect jobs and quality journalism.

11 May 2020