The NUJ has a proud track record of challenging racism in the media industry.

The NUJ uses the term Black in a political sense to refer to people from a visible minority who have a shared experience of racism and oppression. The union also uses the term BME (Black and minority ethnic), but it is NUJ policy to support the use of the term Black to indicate support for structures that encourage and facilitate Black self-organisation.

Black members council

The BMC monitors discrimination in employment practices in the media industry and works with NUJ members in chapels and branches to promote anti-racism. The council maintains a critical relationship with Black and minority ethnic media and can act as a liaison between the NUJ and local communities. 

The BMC also shapes NUJ attitudes, strategies and action by submitting motions to be debated at NUJ delegate meeting, which decides the policy for the union as a whole.

The BMC organises the annual Claudia Jones memorial lecture.