Every year, we help NUJ members who have fallen on hard times by giving them one-off grants to help pay for urgent utility bills or to make adjustments to their home because of a sudden disability.

We've helped members meet the cost of removal expenses to get away from violent partners and given them financial support whilst they got on their feet again.

We've helped members pay the mortgage when they've had nowhere else to turn.

We've helped single parents with young children and children who have, sadly, lost their parents.

We've bought electric wheelchairs and repaired windows.

And we maintain regular monthly payments to dependants of deceased NUJ members.

Every year, we review the grants we make and it's very rare that we do not make an increase. Add our very welcome Christmas bonus into this mix and you can see we really do provide that bit extra.

Donate to NUJ extra – anyone can donate money to the charity. Members should log in to the website before making a donation to avoid filling in forms.

NUJ extra is based at the NUJ's head office in London.

The address is:

Headland House,
72 Acton Street, 

If you have any questions regarding how we can help, please contact our administrator, Leyla Yusuf, on 020 7843 3738 or by email: [email protected]