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GDPR NUJ reps guide

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) NUJ reps guide

16 Mar 2023
Making ageism old news: an Age Scotland media guide to reporting on older people

Age Scotland's new report aims to help stakeholders, including politicians and the media, improve how they talk about older people by avoiding ageist ...

Cover: NUJ extra Welfare Officer Handbook
NUJ extra Welfare Officer Handbook

These guidelines were written as a result of NUJ extra's commitment to provide training for its volunteers.

24 May 2021
LGBT+ ribbons landscape
NUJ guidelines on LGBT+ reporting

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people have the right to fair, accurate and inclusive reporting of their life stories and concerns. As with all...

09 Apr 2021
Cover: TUC A safe return to the workplace
TUC guide April 2021. A safe return to the workplace.

The union approach to keeping workers safe as the UK Government eases restrictions following the third lockdown.

Cover: NUJ extra Covid brochure
NUJ extra Covid brochure

Extra help with Covid nightmare

16 Mar 2021
Cover: 2021 Nominations to NUJ Councils-Guidance notes
2021 Nominations to NUJ Councils: Guidance notes

Guidance for members on nominations, elections and operation of the NUJ's councils and other bodies.

17 Dec 2020
Cover: TUCG Trade unions fighting racism and the far-right
TUCG: Trade unions fighting racism and the far-right

Building solidarity in workplaces and communities.

04 Dec 2020
Coronavirus graphic
Updated guidance on statutory sick pay, CJRS, SEISS

Latest guidance on Covid-19 financial packages for freelances.

Cover: Reporting Poverty
Reporting poverty: a guide for media professionals

This guide is for journalists who want to report on these complex issues accurately, sensitively and powerfully.

16 Oct 2020
We offer support and help detail
Redundancy FAQ August 2020

This document covers a range of issues and the rights involved in a redundancy process.

Cover: ICTU working from home guide
ICTU working from home guide

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has published a useful guide to working from home, setting out the legal entitlements and the law governing health ...

ICTU: Covid-19 Local Workplace Representative Complaints Procedure

This one-page Complaints Procedure provides guidance on how to deal with non-compliance with the Return to Work Safely Protocol.

ICTU Role of Lead Worker Representative

ICTU document focussing on the role of the Lead Worker Representative and provides advice on how it should be undertaken.

NUJ guidance – home working inspections

Health and Safety Committee notes for members, reps, chapels and branches.

Coronavirus graphic
NUJ guidance – Covid-19 Health, safety, wellbeing & work

Health and Safety Committee notes for members, reps, chapels and branches.

WFMH World Mental Health Day 2020 banner
Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

This year’s mental health awareness week (18-24 May) finds us in strange and difficult times – in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

21 May 2020
Cover: Preparing for the return to work outside the home
Preparing for the return to work outside the home: A trade union approach

This TUC report sets out what we believe the government must do now to ensure a safe transition from lockdown, looking at how to safely return to work...

Coronavirus graphic
Coronavirus - Help for union reps from the TUC

Guidance from the TUC to give you an understanding of the workplace issues in the context of COVID-19 and to provide support in being effective at neg...

16 Apr 2020
Coronavirus graphic
NPCC: Working with journalists during Covid-19 outbreak

National Police Chiefs Council guidance on working with journalists during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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