Disabled members

The NUJ recognises the need for true equality in our profession.

The NUJ's work is informed by the social model of disability. This states that disability is largely caused not by a person's impairment, but by the disadvantages or restrictions in activity caused by a society that takes little or no account of those impairments.

Disabled members in the media industry are overwhelmingly concentrated in the lowest-paying, low-status or freelance jobs. This makes it particularly difficult for them to get time off to attend meetings or to afford the related costs that disability can bring.

Disabled members' council

The NUJ's disabled members' council (DMC) exists to highlight the needs of disabled members of the union and to advise and assist all members of the NUJ on disability issues. The cornerstone of the work of the DMC is the implementation of the social model of disability.

The council allows disabled members to draw on each other's strengths to maximize their influence on policy making. It also helps break down the barriers that prevent disabled members realising their full potential in their union, place of work, and wider society.

The Council's work involves monitoring relevant legislation and campaigning for improved access for disabled members. The Council also draws the union's attention to any instances of discrimination on the grounds of disability.