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Freelance Charter detail
Freelance Charter

10-point charter for freelances rights and benefits.

19 November 2020
COVER: From Health Crisis to Good News
From Health Crisis to Good News

A recovery plan for the news industry by the NUJ.

16 April 2020

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Advice & guidance

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NUJ menopause guidance Feb 2024

The menopause is a workplace issue: guidance and policy for NUJ chapels and branches

23 February 2024
Cover: Copyright for journalists and writers
Copyright for journalists and writers

This booklet is for people who are trying to make a living by creative work, particularly journalism.

02 February 2024
GDPR NUJ reps guide

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) NUJ reps guide

16 March 2023

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NUJ menopause guidance Feb 2024

The menopause is a workplace issue: guidance and policy for NUJ chapels and branches

23 February 2024
NUJ Hi Viz - Issue 1

Issue one of the Health and Safety committee's newsletter explores work habits and health risks following the pandemic, latest activity from the campa...

29 March 2023
NUJ Branch March 2021
NUJ Branch March 2021

News on the national action plan for the safety of journalists, reports from the TUC equality conferences and from the NUJ's branches in Europe.

19 March 2021

Equality publications

Cover: IFJ white paper on global journalism
IFJ White paper on global journalism

Launched on UN human rights day, this white paper covers issues such as global freedom of expression, working conditions, youth and gender equality.

10 December 2020
COVER: iFJ Global Platform
IFJ Global platform for quality journalism

The IFJ has launched a series of global proposals in response to the coronavirus crisis.

04 May 2020
IFJ end impunity
International Convention on the Safety and Independence of Journalists and Other Media Professionals

To fight against impunity, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) proposes a new United Nations Convention aimed at giving greater protecti...

19 March 2018

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Cover: NUJ Informed May 2021
NUJ Informed, Issue 35, May 2021

This month's NUJ Informed gives details of the Delegate Meeting and a week of amazing events.

13 May 2021
Cover: Informed February 2021
NUJ Informed, Issue 34, February 2021

All-members' survey reveals how we are all coping during the pandemic.

25 February 2021
Cover: NUJ Informed November 2020
NUJ Informed, Issue 33, November 2020

Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary, gives news of latest union victories and plans for Delegate Meeting.

19 November 2020

Recent issues of NUJ Informed

NUJ Branch January 2024

Message from Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary; Calendar of events 2024; 2024, the year newsrooms embrace AI. Reuters Institute report; Dispatch...

11 January 2024
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NUJ Branch December 2023

This edition features the union's AI campaign, a call for branches to take part in consultations on the union's frees, industrial councils and Delegat...

27 November 2023
Diversity in journalism report cover
NUJ Branch July 2023

The latest stats on diversity in journalism, interview with the winner of the NUJ/George Orwell Society Award for young journalists, how forensic scie...

22 June 2023

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Journalist cover February 2024
The Journalist February March 2024

The Post Office scandal, the high human cost of journalism in Gaza and the fights to preserve media jobs worldwide all feature in this month's edition...

12 February 2024
The Journalist December January 2024 image
The Journalist December January 2024

Features on collaborative journalism and Freedom of Information issues surrounding a cancelled space project are covered in this latest edition.

13 December 2023
The Journalist front Oct Nov 2023
The Journalist magazine October November 2023

The love of small local radio stories, universities collaborating with news organisations, a visit to Wrexham and coverage of the TUC are just some of...

09 October 2023

More issues of the Journalist

Cover: Irish Journalist Summer 2021
Irish Journalist Summer 2021

A week of online events for DM 2021. Journalism: Not just busin€ss. Minding your digital footprint.

14 May 2021
Cover: Irish Journalist Winter 2020
Irish Journalist Winter 2020

Newsletter of the National Union of Journalists in Ireland.

12 November 2020
Cover: Irish Journalist Summer 2020
Irish Journalist Summer 2020

Newsletter of the National Union of Journalists in Ireland.

08 June 2020

Recent editions of The Irish Journalist

Government submissions

NUJ submission to the House of Lords Communications and Digital committee Future of News inquiry

Union views on the role of artificial intelligence, impartiality and trust in news and necessary changes to the Media Bill are among themes discussed ...

21 February 2024
NUJ submission to the Communications and Digital Committee call for evidence on large language models

Strong regulatory frameworks with sanctions for AI firms when rights breaches occur, is just one of the union's calls to government on artificial inte...

02 February 2024
NUJ submission to the Department of Finance (DOF) review of Defamation Law in Northern Ireland

NUJ submission on necessary provisions required in defamation law and detail on the use and harm of strategic lawsuits against public participation (S...

29 January 2024

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