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The Journalist August September 2022

This edition includes the remarkable account of a sub-editor who took some leave from his job to go to report the Ukraine war as a freelance.

26 Jul 2022
NUJ Informed July 2022

Why Reach journalists are balloting for action & the latest trends in the magazine sector.

21 Jul 2022
Protecting the health & safety of pregnant workers. TUC toolkit for trade union reps.

This toolkit is designed to help union reps ensure that the health and safety of members who are pregnant is protected from the moment the rep becomes aware that a member is pregnant, to their return to work and beyond. It is mainly targeted at health and safety reps but will also be useful for other reps who may be the first point of contact for a colleague who is experiencing problems at work because of their pregnancy.

20 Jul 2022
NUJ Branch, June 2022

Welcome to June's NUJ Branch exploring ways to build effective student recruitment campaigns ahead of new course intakes.

17 Jun 2022
The Journalist June July 2022

The war in Ukraine continues to dominate global news and journalists are playing a vital role as brave reporters and their teams attempt to tell the truth on the ground.

23 May 2022
NUJ Branch May, 2022

Welcome to May’s NUJ Branch which takes on World Press Freedom Day’s theme of surveillance of journalists and threats to journalism.

13 May 2022
Senior Reporter - May 2022

News from the 60+ Council of the NUJ.

01 May 2022
NUJ Informed April 2022

Chris Mullin's court victory in protecting his sources, reporting the war in Ukraine and latest on the pay deals

07 Apr 2022
The Journalist April-May 2022

Journalists and the media have been in the eye of the storm – both reporting the war and for those working in Russia facing ever tighter controls from the Kremlin on what can be said.

05 Apr 2022
NUJ Branch March 2022

The March edition of NUJU branch is an equalities special. Find out about the work of the union's equality councils.

25 Mar 2022

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