This glossary and definition of terms forms Appendix G of the rules.

The union’s democratic bodies and officers are often referred to by their initials or obscure titles. This glossary is intended to guide you through the union’s structure explaining what each of these bodies and officers does.

Appeals Tribunal – Sits in judgement on appeals against decisions taken by the NEC on individual cases of discipline or membership criteria.

BMC - Black Members’ Council; Represents black members and campaigns on matters of concern such as racism and racial equality.

CEC – Continental European Council; represents members in the continent of Europe.

DM – Delegate Meeting – The union’s conference, held at least every 18 months, which decides policy and, as necessary, amends the rules. The NEC or branches can also call a special delegate meeting or SDM.

DMC - Disabled Members’ Council; Campaigns for equality of opportunity for people with disabilities in the workplace and within the union.

Equality Council – Campaigns for equality for all members in the workplace and in the union.

Ethics Council – Charged with raising the consciousness of members on ethical matters and dealing with complaints against members on matters of professional concern.

M/FoC – Mother or Father of Chapel – The office representative or shop steward.

GS – General Secretary – The union’s top official. The General Secretary is elected by the members and serves a five-year, salaried term. He/she is a member of the NEC.

IEC – Irish Executive Council – An executive council for Ireland with a similar role to the NEC. Can be overruled by the NEC.

IFJ – International Federation of Journalists – An international collective of journalist unions based in Brussels.

Industrial Councils – There are six industrial councils that oversee the industrial work of the union checking on collective agreements and dealing with the running of disputes. The councils are:

  • BIC – Broadcasting Industrial Council
  • FIC – Freelance Industrial Council
  • MABIC – Magazine and Books Industrial Council
  • NAIC – Newspapers and Agencies Industrial Council
  • NMIC – New Media Industrial Council
  • PRCIC – Public Relations and Communications Industrial Council

LNM – Late Notice Motion – a motion to DM sent in after the final deadline for motions. Must concern a matter which happened after the deadline and which requires a decision of DM. They cannot be used to change rules.

NEC – National Executive Council – This body is responsible for running the union on a day to day basis and deciding or interpreting policy between delegate meetings. It is also responsible for authorising benefits and dispute payments.

NUJ Extra – A charitable trust set up to bring relief from poverty to NUJ members and the families and dependants of deceased NUJ members. It was established in 1909.

SEC – Scottish Executive Council; An executive council for Scotland with a similar role to the NEC. Can be overruled by the NEC

SOC – Standing Orders Committee – Draws up the standing orders for DM and examines and makes recommendations about the legitimacy of all motions to conference.

WEC – Welsh Executive Council; An executive council for Wales with a similar role to the NEC. Can be overruled by the NEC