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Heat and light – the IFJ in Oman gives hope to Ukrainian journalists

NUJ delegate Tim Dawson offers a personal reflection on an eventful IFJ World Congress in Oman.

06 Jun 2022
The Journalist June July 2022

The war in Ukraine continues to dominate global news and journalists are playing a vital role as brave reporters and their teams attempt to tell the truth on the ground.

23 May 2022
NUJ holds international solidarity event

Global threats to journalists and journalism spanning Ukraine, Yemen and Palestine were explored in the union’s webinar with the IFJ.

Council of Europe report shows alarming increase in attacks on press freedom

Red lights are "flashing" as reports of incidents increase

28 Apr 2022
International Workers’ Memorial Day 2022

The NUJ’s health and safety committee is urging members not to forget International Workers’ Memorial Day on Thursday 28 April – and journalists who have given their lives doing their jobs.

25 Apr 2022
Ukraine: solidarity centres open for journalists

Journalists working in Ukraine can access dedicated spaces for use as newsrooms and emergency evacuation bases.

19 Apr 2022
Ukraine Solidarity Campaign announces demonstration

Rally in London on 9 April supports the people of Ukraine, and calls for an end to Russian action.

06 Apr 2022
Ukraine: journalist Mantas Kvedaravicius killed

NUJ joins condemnation of the "deliberate killing" as deaths of media workers since the war's inception rises.

06 Apr 2022
Ukraine: Russian journalist Oksana Baulina killed

NUJ condemns journalists' death adding to the rising number of media workers killed during the war on Ukraine.

25 Mar 2022
NUJ stands in solidarity with Ukraine at Dublin rally

Trade unions met outside the Russian embassy in Dublin yesterday, commending the courage of the people of Ukraine, paying tribute to all those killed and condemning Russia's actions in the war.

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