Ukraine: Russian missiles strike journalists’ hotel

  • 08 Aug 2023

NUJ condemns second attack in recent weeks targeting journalists reporting from Ukraine.

The National Union of Journalists joins the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in condemning an attack by Russian military against journalists, through missile strikes at a popular hotel in the city of Pokrovsk.  The strikes killed at least eight civilians, destroying an apartment block and the “Druzhba” hotel often used by journalists covering the war.

Strikes on 7 August follow those in June this year, where at least 11 people were killed at a restaurant frequented by journalists in Kramatorsk. The European Federation of Journalists and the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) have both called for an end to attacks, with Russian authorities urged to protect journalists and civilians.

Although no journalists have been killed in the most recent strikes, Sergiy Tomilenko, NUJU president, called on world leaders to stop actions of the military and said the “Russian military is clearly targeting journalists and independent media workers.”

Tim Dawson, IFJ deputy general secretary, said:

"Modern missiles can be targeted to strike specific rooms within buildings. When places known to be frequented by journalists are repeatedly struck, the intention is clear – scare away the media so that atrocities go unreported. Our responsibility as journalists is to call out this shocking behaviour and shine light anew where the missiles fly."

According to IFJ data, fourteen journalists and media workers have been killed on duty since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

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