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Finance conference: subs, recruitment and more

NUJ members met for lively discussion and a chance to contribute ideas at the conference exploring how to build a fair subscriptions structure.


28 Mar 2024
New report details “Wild West” of freelance journalism

Research commissioned by the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) has revealed rights grabs, low pay and barriers to journalism remain key issues facing freelance journalists.

NUJ logo (website).png

20 Mar 2024
NUJ urges radical change to Local Democracy Reporter contracts to ensure fair pay

The union is calling on the BBC to review and increase a 1.5 percent uplift to LDRs, to increase required minimum salaries and ensure publishers do not use allocated funds to boost profits.


12 Mar 2024
NUJ backs call for an end to the cycle of abuse against women journalists

On International Women's Day, the union is supporting calls to national police leads urging necessary action to address the harmful online violence women journalists face as part of their work.


08 Mar 2024
Gardaí demand access to media far-right photos

The NUJ has stressed action by An Garda Síochána to obtain images of far-right riots poses danger to the safety of photojournalists.


NUJ concerned about “dire consequences” for journalists following court’s refusal to permit intervention

The union had hoped to intervene in a legal challenge on sexual offences suspect reporting.


Police laid surveillance trap for journalists

Tim Dawson, IFJ deputy general secretary, reports from the Investigatory Powers Tribunal hearing where grave breaches by the PSNI over journalists’ surveillance and attempts to uncover a source have been disclosed.

Tim Dawson and Natasha Hirst

Investigatory Powers Tribunal hearings commence

Day 1 of the hearing over claims "No Stone Unturned" journalists Barry McCaffrey and Trevor Birney were unlawfully monitored using covert surveillance.

Natasha Hirst, Barry McCaffrey and John Finucane MP

28 Feb 2024
NUJ calls for focus on funding of public service broadcasting

NUJ members and trade union colleagues will demonstrate against the ongoing funding crisis at RTÉ at lunchtime today.


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