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Palestine: journalists attacked by Israeli mob

The National Union of Journalists joins the International Federation of Journalists in condemning widespread attacks and violence against journalists in Jerusalem’s Old City.

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10 Jun 2024
Lyra trial adjourned after harrowing evidence

The trial of three men charged with the murder of journalist and NUJ member Lyra McKee was adjourned on Friday until June 13th, following harrowing evidence at Belfast Crown Court regarding the cause of her death.

Lyra McKee

Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate unveils new memorial marking its centenary

The unveiling in Al-Bireh on 29 May commemorated journalists killed in Palestine.

Attendees at the Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate memorial unveiling pose for a picture.

03 Jun 2024
Lyra McKee murder trial commences

Peter Cavanagh, Jordan Devine and Paul McIntyre are on trial for the murder of journalist and former NUJ member Lyra McKee.

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31 May 2024
Russia: Ukrainian journalist detained by authorities

Russia’s Ministry of Defence confirms Viktoria Roshchyna, previously reported missing has been arrested.


30 May 2024
Palestine: Israeli authorities arrest multiple journalists

NUJ calls for an end to the persecution of Palestinian journalists, as figures reveal Israeli authorities have arrested 75 Palestinian journalists since 7 October.

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28 May 2024
Pakistan: two journalists killed

NUJ condemns murders as journalists’ death toll rises to six this year.


28 May 2024
Palestine: journalist shot by Israeli army

NUJ joins the International Federation of Journalists in condemning an attack by Israeli soldiers on Palestinian journalist Amr Manasra.

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23 May 2024
Don’t let your blower make you a sucker

Tim Dawson, NEC freelance rep, reports on NUJ Dublin’s Freelance Forum with speakers advising on keeping cybersafe, pitching stories, reporting abuse and writing a newsletter.


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