Bullivant strikers take third day of action

  • 01 Sep 2020

NUJ members go into the second week of action in a united and buoyant mood.

Bullivant Media Limited journalists have started their third day of strike action today, they are on strike over pay, working practices and compulsory redundancies at the company.

Chris Bullivant Senior, the non-executive chairman of Bullivant Media Limited, visited the picket line this morning in his Bentley. He got out of the car and offered some sandwiches in a plastic bag to the strikers on the picket line in Redditch. The sandwiches were then donated to Acts of Kindness, the local food bank.

The Bullivant Media NUJ chapel said:

"We have entered our third day of strike action united and more determined than ever to stand up for journalists and journalism.
"Apparent attempts by the company to weaken our resolve will only backfire; the job adverts in the newspapers last week have prompted more support for our strike. The company used the front page on some of its print editions to advertise for temporary cover.
"The company also threatened to dock the pay of furloughed workers who are supporting the strike.
"Our chapel will organise more strike days if the company remains intransigent.
"Our demands remain the same and are reasonable – we want to be paid what we are owed each month; we want to be consulted on restructuring plans; we want the company to avoid compulsory redundancies; and we want the editorial department to have responsibility for editorial output.
"We are dismayed by the changes that have been made to professional and editorial standards. As journalists we are committed to accuracy and balance, and the public interest.
"We want to produce quality journalism that serves our local communities. That is what our readers want and deserve. Quality journalism makes economic sense and is key to the survival of local media."

Chris Morley, NUJ Northern and Midlands senior organiser, said:

"Our members are going into a second week of action in a united and buoyant mood, they are prepared to stand their ground despite attempts to undermine their resolve by the management.
"Many are offering support to them for defending the principle of upholding quality journalism and against the threat of compulsory redundancies. The support for the strike has been tremendous and it is clear the stand has struck a chord with many.
"We hope that this is the week that the owners of the business wake up and come to the table with a desire to negotiate a positive outcome to this dispute in the interests of everyone."

The NUJ chapel at Bullivant Media includes all 18 members of the editorial team and the company runs weekly free newspapers and websites with titles including the Coventry Observer, Leamington Observer, Rugby Observer, Stratford Observer, Solihull Observer, Redditch Standard, Bromsgrove Standard, Worcester Observer and Evesham Observer.

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