World Mental Health Day, October 2020

  • 09 Oct 2020

This year's theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is 'mental health for all'.

WFMH World Mental Health Day 2020


Saturday 10 October is World Mental Health Day. This date feels especially important in 2020, which has been a tumultuous year. Covid-19 has brought changes on personal, societal and global levels and has inevitably had an impact on people's mental health.

This year's theme is mental health for all, and it has been important that we all have taken action to protect our mental health during this pandemic. Whether this relates to pressures at work, or unemployment, living alone or needing to provide care or being cared for, it has never been more essential to understand ways in which good mental health is a fundamental need, equally as important as physical well-being.

Ann Galpin, chair of the NUJ Disabled Members' Council said:

"The pandemic has changed the way we live and work and continues to do so. Many of us will have experienced loss – of routine, employment, support and also from the death of family members, colleagues and friends. Being faced with change, uncertainty and lack of job security brings its own challenges when simply coping with the familiar everyday has been difficult enough until now.
"For individuals who already experience mental distress, the pandemic may have limited their opportunities to access support networks, treatment and their usual means of managing their mental health.
"Increases in domestic violence, hate speech and hate crimes are an additional stressor for some, especially workers with protected characteristics, who are at greater risk of job losses and coronavirus."

Natasha Hirst, NUJ disabled members' rep said:

"The NUJ has worked hard to create resources and webinars to support members to build strategies for supporting good mental health and more resources are in development. We encourage members and reps to see what is available and to seek support if they are concerned about their own mental health."

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