NUJ videos reveal impact of abuse targeted at journalists

  • 31 Oct 2022

Watch members share their experiences in new clips released as part of the union's campaign on the safety of journalists.

The  NUJ has launched a set of safety films featuring journalists across the UK and Ireland sharing the damaging impact abuse received has on themselves and families, the union has released clips of members discussing their experiences of issues including sexism, death threats and racism. Watch the introduction to the new film on our YouTube Campaigns page.

In our final clip, you can hear more on the union's support for photographers through the challenges faced by freelance photographer Andy Aitchison. 

November's NUJ Branch is a safety special.

NUJ Branch November 2022
  • 10 Nov 2022
  • Publications

NUJ safety video

Members tell of their experiences of abuse, intimdation and threats recieved as part of their job. They have taken part to raise awareness of the problem and to bring about a culture change which recognises journalists and photographers should never have to put up with it.

Abuse targeted at women

NUJ members explain how they have been subject to misogynist abuse. "I have no doubt that being a woman elicits a higher level of abuse than I see targeted at male court reporters." Watch the full clip below.


A Home Office and DCMS survey in 2021 revealed “a third of respondents from ethnic minority backgrounds reported experiencing racism.”. Journalism needs to be more representative of the UK population. Watch NUJ members discuss the racism they have experienced as a journalist with one stating "When the comments are about the colour of your skin, it's not nice."

Photographers’ safety

NUJ member Andy Aitchison tells about being arrested at his home on suspicion of criminal damage hours after he had taken and shared photographs of activists demonstrating against conditions at Napier Barracks, where asylum seekers were housed.

Officers searched his family home and seized his mobile phone and memory card from his camera. He was then held in police custody for more than five hours. Thanks to the NUJ his equipment was returned, and he received an apology from the Kent police.


The videos were launched at an online event on International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, November 2, 2022. Speakers included Monika Plaha, BBC presenter, who appears in the video, Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ general secretary, Jeremy Dear, deputy general secretary of the IFJ, and NEC member Jim Boumelha who reported on the latest report on violations against journalists in Palestine. You can watch the event here:


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