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India: journalists assaulted in targeted attacks

NUJ joins the International Federation of Journalists in condemning violence against media workers.

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14 Feb 2024
Palestine: Israeli drone strike kills Palestinian journalists in Gaza

NUJ calls for an end to Israel's targeting of journalists, as the death toll of Palestinian media workers in the ongoing Israel-Gaza war rises.

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09 Jan 2024
Bangladesh: journalists assaulted during live broadcast

Assaults on 14 and 15 August following the death of a controversial religious leader have been condemned by the union.

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17 Aug 2023
Philippines: NUJ condemns targeted attacks against journalists

Journalists in the country face hostile environments, restrictions on reporting and false labelling by authorities as terrorist organisations.

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05 Jul 2023
Palestine: journalists hospitalised following attacks by Israeli army

NUJ calls for an end to the systematic targeting of Palestinian journalists.

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21 Jun 2023
Pakistan: bomb detonated outside journalists’ home

NUJ urges authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the attack, amid rising threats to journalists in the country.

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30 Mar 2023
Afghanistan: journalists killed in bomb attack

The targeted explosion by Islamic State militants took place on Afghanistan’s National Journalists Day.

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13 Mar 2023
NUJ videos reveal impact of abuse targeted at journalists

Watch members share their experiences in new clips released as part of the union's campaign on the safety of journalists.

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NUJ backs demand for a convention to enhance journalists’ safety

The International Federation of Journalists has called for a United Nations Convention on the safety and protection of journalists.

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28 Oct 2022
Philippines: journalist killed in ambush

The National Union of Journalists has joined the International Federation of Journalists in calling on authorities to launch an investigation into the murder of Percival Mabasa.

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04 Oct 2022

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