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Dublin student seminar inspires budding journalists

The NUJ's event for journalists in Ireland left all motivated to pursue careers within the industry.

NUJ Student seminar panel.jpg

NUJ student seminar: What’s the Story? Life As A Working Journalist 

Students across Ireland are invited to a free, in-person NUJ seminar in Dublin to hear from and network with prominent journalists. Final tickets available.

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Exploiting the Dream work experience guidance

Work experience can an invaluable way to gain the hands-on experience required to secure that crucial first job. Yet young people need to ensure they are not exposed to months of unpaid exploitation at the hands of ruthless employers enjoying free or cheap labour.

Cover: Exploiting the dream work experience guidance

18 Aug 2020
George Viner Memorial Fund 30th anniversary ceremony scholars

George Viner Memorial Fund scholars – presentation for the charity's 30th anniversary

GVMF scholars 30th anniversary

26 Jun 2020
Winners announced for Ian Bell New Writing award

A wealth of young talent was identified in the NUJ Edinburgh & District branch competition in memory of journalist and author Ian Bell.

11 Feb 2020
Three decades promoting media diversity

Journalism needs black and minority ethnic journalists not just reporting the news, but also shaping the news agenda, the latest recipients of the NUJ's charity the George Viner Memorial Fund were told.

Sonia Sodha

24 May 2019
NUJ student leaflet

If you’re over 16 and working in student media or on a journalism training course, then the National Union of Journalists is the union for you.

Image: NUJ student leaflet

28 Sep 2018
Are young dreams being dashed?

Ruth Addicott explores why some young people leave journalism early.

Cover: Exploiting the dream work experience guidance