Ukraine: journalist Mantas Kvedaravicius killed

  • 06 Apr 2022

NUJ joins condemnation of the "deliberate killing" as deaths of media workers since the war's inception rises.

Mantas Kvedaravicius was a Lithuanian award winning documentary film-maker killed as he attempted to flee Mariupol. His body of work includes the film "Barzakh" about Russia's war in Chechnya, awarded the Amnesty International Film Prize in 2011.  Kvedaravicius' documentary Mariupolis, also received multiple nominations and awards including at the 2016 Lithuanian Film Awards. 

A statement from the IFJ said:

"We are deeply shocked and strongly condemn this deliberate killing of another media worker. Once again, journalists are civilians and should be protected and respected as such. The killing of Mantas Kvedaravicius is a crime that cannot go unpunished."

Russia's war against Ukraine has led to several deaths including of journalists Maks Levin, Oksana Baulina and Brent Renaud. Reports indicate that in some instances despite identifying themselves as press, journalists have been targeted and under attack by Russian forces. 

The NUJ has supported calls by the International Federation of Journalists and European Federation of Journalists for an end to the "deliberate targeting" of journalists in Ukraine. 

The NUJ has published war zone safety information including advice on insurance, equipment and reporting in hazardous environments.

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