Ukraine: journalists' war zone safety

  • 01 Mar 2022

Useful information and links for journalists reporting on events in Ukraine.

The National Union of Journalists has called on Unesco to ensure the protection and safety of journalists throughout the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Alongside the International Federation of Journalists and sister unions, the NUJ continues to monitor events as they unfold.  

All journalists reporting on events within Ukraine are urged to take appropriate safety measures, and have emergency procedures in place with their engager or employer to check in on their safety.  

For a wealth of advice and guidance on reporting in hazardous environments and keeping safe, check out Storysmart, the NUJ’s recently published suite of free online training modules. Safety advice from the IFJ is regularly updated, including information on travel protocols, and providing links to our sister unions within Ukraine.    

Risk assessments 

Developments in Ukraine are fast-moving and where possible, journalists should seek information about reporting conditions, and potential changes to environments.  

Journalists should: 

  • ensure your employer or engager carries out appropriate risk assessments to identify potential and likely risks, and ways to mitigate them 
  • research the environment and location you will be working in, including any recent or anticipated changes to the area 
  • access employer materials on reporting in armed conflict environments 


All journalists, including freelances should obtain insurance covering personal injury, emergency evacuation and death. Check out the nature of the insurance in place with your employer or engager and keep a copy of the content details and policy information to hand.  

Information on the IFJ/battleface insurance plan for journalists is available at


Your employer is responsible for providing you with equipment suitable for your environment. Freelances should seek information from engagers on what safety equipment will be provided.  

Useful equipment checklist:  

  • a helmet 
  • a ballistic vest with sufficient protective capacity to suit your environment and ensure safety 
  • robust, suitable protective clothing suited to the environment you will be working in 
  • a comprehensive first aid kit – with training on how to administer first aid.

A range of safety equipment suppliers can be found online, but there are currently supply challenges. The IFJ and European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) is currently working to address this and get supplies of safety and medical equipment into Ukraine for journalists.

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