HeartUnions week 2023

  • 13 Feb 2023

Tell a colleague to join the NUJ during HeartUnions week from 13-19 February.

This week marks the TUC's annual HeartUnions week celebrating huge efforts by unions across sectors to achieve improved terms and conditions for workers. The NUJ's campaign page highlights key priorities including the union's fight to save local radio, achieve improved pay awards, advocate for journalists' safety and more. 

Encourage colleagues to join: use the helpful links below highlighting the work we do to start conversations about how the NUJ is there for its members.

  • Our new Journalists' Safety Toolkit produced with the Society of Editors can be accessed on-the-go, and provides helpful information on topics including workplace safety, mental health and staying safe online. Access the toolkit. 
  • Wonder what the NUJ does to raise awareness of ageism in the industry? Our 60+ council hosted a webinar exploring the experiences of women journalists faced with fewer opportunities including on-screen positions as they aged. Read more on the realities and watch the webinar with Professor Karen Ross. 
  • The NUJ was proud to support Samira Ahmed in her equal pay case against the BBC. Ruling in her favour, a judge found that her work was the same or broadly similar as Jeremy Vine who had been earning six times more than her salary.  Read about the NUJ's involvement and find out more on the case

TUC activities

Access the NUJ HeartUnions campaign page to watch our short safety film and hear from journalists sharing the impact abuse and harrassment has on their work and lives. Find out how the NUJ is supporting members, and how you can help encourage others to join. 

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