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Public interest test on the potential merger situation in relation to Telegraph Media Group

The NU's submission to the Ofcom investigation into the proposed acquisition by Redbird IMI Media Joint Venture, LCC of the Telegraph Media Group Limited and whether this transaction could raise public interest concerns in relation to the need for accurate presentation of news and the need for free expression of opinion in newspapers.

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NUJ response to the BBC’s request to change the Operating Licence.

Response to proposed changes by the BBC to reduce news and current affairs and increase on BBC Radio 5 Live and changes to regional news coverage

NUJ submission to the Expert Panel on a Shadow Broadcasting and Communications Authority for Wales, October 2022

Following consultation, the Welsh Executive Council found no support for going further than current policy on devolution of the media.

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NUJ submission to the Senedd Committee Inquiry into the impact of increasing costs, September 2022

The effects of Covid and cost-of-living crisis on the news industry in Wales

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26 Oct 2022
NUJ BBC News Channel/BBC World briefing

The decision to close the BBC News Channel and BBC World News and create a new rolling news service in April 2023, with 70 fewer journalists, is a major mistake.

02 Sep 2022
Template Save BBC News Channel letter

Letter to elected representatives to lobby the BBC to close the BBC News Channel and BBC World News

02 Sep 2022
NUJ calls for public interest defence for unauthorised disclosures

Union warns the Home Office plans are a severe threat to journalism

23 Jul 2021
UK government conflates journalism and espionage in latest Home Office consultation

The proposals on which the government is consulting create clear new detriments for journalists and journalism.


19 Jul 2021
Northern Ireland assembly calls for evidence on media sustainability

NUJ encourages all local members, chapels and branches to respond to the consultation.

Northern Ireland Parliament Buildings