Philippines: journalist killed in ambush

  • 04 Oct 2022

The National Union of Journalists has joined the International Federation of Journalists in calling on authorities to launch an investigation into the murder of Percival Mabasa.

On 3 October, Mabasa also known as Percy Lapid, was shot in his vehicle in Las Piñas City. The NUJ and sister union National Union of Journalists of the Philippines have condemned the killing and urged authorities to take action that holds perpetrators to account.

Witnesses of the shooting state two assailants were involved in the murder with one hitting the rear of Lapid’s vehicle and another shooting the journalist before fleeing the scene.

Lapid was a broadcaster on radio station DWBL 1242 and was critical of both Duterte and Marcos administrations. He is the second journalist killed under the Marcos Jr. administration in a country where attacks on press freedom and journalists frequently occur.  

Anthony Bellanger, IFJ general secretary, said:

“The brazen killing of Percy Lapid, an independent and critical journalist, displays the failure of the Filipino authorities to guarantee the safety of media workers. The IFJ demands a thorough investigation to ensure that justice is served to all perpetrators.”

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