Palestine: Palestinian Journalists Syndicate meets Karim Khan

  • 04 Dec 2023

Nasser Abu Baker, PJS president, met the International Criminal Court prosecutor on 2 December in Ramallah.

The National Union of Journalists has welcomed a briefing by the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate to ICC prosecutor Karim Khan, on the situation for journalists in Gaza and the West Bank. Nasser Abu Baker, also vice president of the International Federation of Journalists reminded Khan of complaints submitted by the PJS and IFJ over the targeting of Palestinian journalists by Israel’s Defense Forces. Invited by Ahmad Assaf, chair of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation, Mahmoud Abbas, president of the State of Palestine also met with Khan.

Whilst the PJS has welcomed the current ICC investigation into the situation in Palestine, the syndicate has been critical of the slow progress into Palestinian complaints, and of the failure of the Israeli army being held to account.

At least 60 Palestinian journalists have been killed, with several missing during the war in Gaza. The NUJ has condemned actions by the Israeli army and called for the adherence of international law, ensuring the safety and protection of journalists.

 Abu Baker, PJS president, said:

“The need for the ICC to devote attention to crimes in the West Bank and Gaza could not be more stark. Palestinian journalists, and those who value their work, need a clear signal that international law protects them and will be applied to those who have taken so many of their lives.”

Anthony Bellanger, IFJ general secretary, said:

“Karim Khan’s engagement with cases from Palestine is vital. For too long it has appeared that the ICC had time for other conflicts, but not this one. I hope that this meeting will accelerate the process of investigating complaints that predate the current crisis, as well as the terrible events that have taken place in Gaza since 7 October.”  

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