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TUC calls for long Covid to be recognised as a disability 

The condition needs to recognised as  an occupational disease, to give workers access to legal protections and compensation.

Tougher laws needed to strengthen women’s rights at work

More robust laws are needed to improve employment equality, particularly as women have born the brunt of the fall out of the pandemic, Sara Lewis, vice-chair of the NUJ's Equality Council told the TUC's Women’s Conference.

05 Mar 2021
TUC calls on government to implement Equality Act in full

On the law's 10th anniversary, the TUC says the full powers of the act have still not been implemented as Covid-19 has deepened inequality and discrimination at work.

NUJ equalities councils flag up impact of Covid-19

Members are asked to take part in a Parliamentary inquiry and report on the experiences of all communities during the crisis.

16 Apr 2020
Asking and responding to questions of discrimination in the workplace

ACAS guidance for job applicants, employees, employers and others asking questions about discrimination related to the Equality Act 2010.

Disability Handbook

This handbook provides information on current legislation and recommendations of good practice for chapels and branches alike.

23 Oct 2012