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Pay campaign

The NUJ's 2023 pay campaign calls for fair pay across journalism, providing practical support to chapels in their engagement with employers.

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01 Sep 2023
DM2023: low starting salaries in publishing

Conference voted for a campaign to improve diversity and starting wages in the books industry.

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Gal-dem closes due to financial pressures

Publication announces it is "no longer feasible" to operate citing pressures from the pandemic, an economic downturn and budget reductions.

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01 Apr 2023
Mabic health & safety and welfare factsheet

Mabic health & safety and welfare factsheet

03 Mar 2023
NUJ reacts to Reach's home working plans

Newspaper publisher Reach plans to close their offices and make most employees work from home.

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Equal pay and the gender pay gap

A yawning gender pay gap favouring men has been revealed in recent years by media companies forced to publish data under new regulations.

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24 Feb 2021
Iranian journalist Kayvan Samimi starts three-year jail term

Veteran editor given three-year prison term, just one day after his arrest.

Newsgatherers to be exempted from travel quarantine

NOTE: the exemption was rescinded owing to increasing infection levels - the union is lobbying for it to be restored.

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Criminal violence against journalists must be punished, says NUJ

Scottish authorities need to hunt down the perpetrators of the attack aimed at silencing Glasgow journalists.

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