NUJ council calls for focus on mental health for journalists covering the conflict in Ukraine

  • 14 Mar 2022

A meeting of the National Union of Journalists' newspaper and agency industrial council (NAIC) has passed a resolution urging NUJ reps across the union to ensure employers are offering adequate support to all journalists - those covering the conflict from the frontline and those in newsrooms whose roles involve handling often distressing copy and images of the war and its impact.

The council’s resolution said:

“The horrifying news coming out of Ukraine following the invasion initiated by Vladamir Putin will have affected journalists everywhere, whether or not they are covering the war directly.

“As the industrial council for the newspaper and news agency sector we urge NUJ reps to remind their employers they have a duty of care to every member of staff. In particular employers should ensure the mental health of journalists handling distressing material – either copy or images – is being adequately protected.”

The NUJ has campaigned for employers to take the impact of handling such journalistic material on individuals more seriously. The union has also taken up cases of members whose health has been badly impaired by direct and vicarious PTSD.

NUJ members should contact their workplace health and safety rep to discuss any concerns. Relevant industrial council reps (including NAIC members) or your NUJ national official can also be contacted.

For those chapel committees without a health and safety rep currently in post, now is a perfect opportunity to fill the vacancy. NUJ training to equip members with all the skills to become a health and safety advocate in the workplace is available. Access the training calendar for key dates. 

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