NUJ Belfast branch sends message of solidarity to transport workers

  • 09 Nov 2021

Two buses have been hijacked and burnt in the city

Robin Wilson, chair of the Belfast and District branch of the National Union of Journalists, said: 

“As journalists we have been reporting on the violent events of recent weeks, putting ourselves at risk to inform the public, fairly and accurately, to the best of our professional ability. Earlier this year, one of our number was subjected to sectarian abuse and assault while photographing a riot taking place at Lanark Way in Belfast.

"We therefore stand in solidarity with the transport workers who have been intimidated and attacked in their efforts to serve the travelling public. We fully support rights of freedom of expression and assembly but these cannot legitimately be exercised in such a way as to put the human rights of others at risk.

"Both journalists and transport workers remember darker days when such attacks were so commonplace they were hardly deemed to merit comment and became fatalistically accepted. We cannot countenance any return to this.”

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