Journalist Chris Mullin interviews with the NUJ

  • 31 Mar 2022

Extending his gratitude to the union for its support, Chris Mullin reflects on the production order brought against him by West Midlands Police.

On 22 March, Chris Mullin and the NUJ welcomed the protection of sources victory following a legal bid under the Terrorism Act 2000, requiring Mullin to disclose his source for his Birmingham Six investigations.

In a new interview, Mullin explains the importance of a journalists' right to protect sources and shares how his actions over thirty years ago overturned one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in British legal history. 

A member for over five decades, Mullin says he is "extraordinarily grateful" to the NUJ for its support in this important case for all journalists.

The NUJ's national executive council said:

"This NEC congratulates Chris Mullin for resisting West Midlands Police's application for a production order to hand over his research material and commends his steadfastness as an example to any journalist who is pressured to reveal their sources."

Access the full judgment by Judge Lucraft. 

Read more from the NUJ on the case.

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