Australia: police seek permission to raid news outlet NT Independent

  • 28 Sep 2022

NUJ echoes calls by the IFJ and sister union Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance for the protection of journalists in Australia's Northern Territory.

The National Union of Journalists joins the International Federation of Journalists in condemning efforts by Australian authorities to stifle press freedom.

In March 2021, NT Independent published an article alleging police had failed to inform the public of a sexual assault committed against a minor. Further articles reported attempted cover-ups by the police of other serious sex offences.

Police in the country’s Northern Territory (NT) sought permission to raid news outlet NT Independent’s offices, aiming to arrest staff and seize material. A request by authorities to the Australian Classification Board categorising documents and computers as “restricted content” has since been rejected.

The NUJ is urging authorities to ensure journalists are able to undertake reporting in the public interest, without fear of harassment.

The IFJ said: 

“Northern Territory police’s attempts to preclude journalists from reporting on matters in the public interest are deeply concerning and constitute an alarming infringement of press freedom. The IFJ urges the region’s authorities to ensure that all journalists and media workers are free to work without fear of harassment, intimidation or reprisal.”

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