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VICE UK journalists call off strike as company increases redundancy pay

The NUJ is pleased to announce that because of the union's actions, the company has increased its offer to a more substantial redundancy package for affected employees.

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Journalists at VICE UK set to strike   

NUJ members at VICE UK will take part in strike action on 29th and 30th June over the company's failure to provide fair redundancy terms.

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VICE UK staff “devastated” as they face redundancy on minimum terms

Journalists at VICE UK are facing statutory redundancy terms, with many having to leave with almost nothing, since the company filed for bankruptcy and sought a buyer. Its recent global CEO Nancy Dubuc was on a $1.5m annual salary.

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The Journalist October November 2019

It’s an incredible time to be a journalist if you’re involved in Brexit coverage in any way.

Cover: The Journalist October November 2019

14 Oct 2019
NUJ Informed, Issue 28, July 2019

VICE UK wins union recognition, equal pay claims net almost £3m and police face inquiry as No Stone Unturned arrests overturned.

Cover: NUJ Informed July 2019

30 Jul 2019
NUJ achieves recognition at VICE UK

NUJ activists have been roundly congratulated for their efforts and success.

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