VICE UK journalists call off strike as company increases redundancy pay

  • 23 Jun 2023

The NUJ is pleased to announce that because of the union's actions, the company has increased its offer to a more substantial redundancy package for affected employees.

The union’s VICE UK chapel has agreed to call off strike action by journalists on 29 and 30 June. The revised and enhanced terms are now £5,000 plus statutory redundancy pay.  

A spokesperson for the NUJ VICE UK chapel said:

"After more than five weeks of collective consultations with the company, the members of the chapel have now called off the strike action. Despite its inadequacies, the new package provides some support to those at the most junior levels and lowest salaries, and the NUJ chapel has decided to consider its most vulnerable members at a time of great uncertainty as they begin to look for new work opportunities. We are pleased that our actions have persuaded management to offer a more substantial package and hope that our colleagues can now gain further compensation for their hard work and dedication to the company over the years, as they begin to enter their individual consultations."

Mostafa Rajaai, NUJ organiser, said:

"Thanks to the dedication and steadfastness of our members at VICE UK, we have been able to substantially increase the compensation received by those being made redundant. Going forward, I hope we can have a more constructive relationship with the new owners of the business, who will be taking over operations of the company within weeks."

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