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Use this letter to ask your MP to support BBC local radio

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11 Apr 2023
“Biggest threat ever” to BBC local radio

Significant cuts will mean shared programming across the network.

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BBC reps fear new format will "dumb down" local radio news

BBC local radio journalists are deeply concerned that a restructure of jobs will result in hard and investigative news being played down in favour of "fluffy" stories and more music.

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NUJ Branch July 2020

Annabelle Collins, Health Service Journal senior correspondent, reveals what it was like to work at the sharp-end as  a specialist during the pandemic and tutor Carole Holmes on how the union can be there to help colleagues avoid mental distress and solve their problems.

Cover: NUJ Branch July 2020

17 Jul 2020
NUJ briefing: competitive tendering of BBC national radio

The new BBC Charter and Framework Agreement, in effect since 1 January 2017, oblige the BBC to open up 60 per cent of "relevant broadcasting time" on BBC Radio to competitive tendering by 2022, with a review at that point.

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