NUJ welcomes recognition at Agence France-Presse (AFP), London bureau

  • 16 Nov 2022

In the coming weeks, union reps and management will hold their first negotiation meeting after successfully securing formal union recognition with the London bureau of the global news agency.

The new agreement means NUJ members can put forward their views on workplace issues including pay, annual leave and pensions. An independent membership check carried out earlier this year revealed the union had over 50 per cent membership in the proposed bargaining unit covering UK-contracted journalists on the news, economics, sports, multimedia, video, photo and online planning desks.

Following the check, agreement in principle was reached in July with final discussions concluding this month.

The AFP chapel reps said: 

"This agreement is testament to a major membership drive that rapidly enlarged our chapel, to now cover a majority of our editorial staff. 

"NUJ headquarters played a critical role, and we will use our new leverage to campaign resolutely on pay and conditions."

Laura Davison, NUJ national organiser, said: 

"Reaching this agreement reflects the sustained commitment and hard work of our AFP London reps. Congratulations to them and the chapel – it's a real achievement." 

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