NUJ to carry out pay survey at RTÉ

  • 07 Mar 2023

The National Union of Journalists is to conduct an equal pay survey within RTÉ, Ireland’s public service broadcaster.

Following on from the RTÉ Gender Pay Gap report in December 2022, which indicated a 13.03 per cent pay gap, the NUJ has decided to carry out a confidential online survey among journalists in RTÉ. The survey will be conducted under the direction of Natasha Morris, the union’s legal and equality officer, and arises from representations by the Dublin Broadcasting Branch and its RTÉ NUJ sub-branch. In carrying out the survey, the union stressed the survey is part of its ongoing equal pay campaign.

As a trade union we support members in asserting legal entitlements. Simultaneously, the NUJ works with employers to develop a workplace culture which fosters equality and diversity.

Emma O’Kelly, Dublin Broadcasting branch chair, has highlighted branch concerns over the gender pay gap in RTÉ and drawn attention to the loss of younger women from the workforce. The survey will be open to members and those wishing to join the union.

Equal pay cases can be complex, and the first step is to gather information directly.

Brian O’Connell, chair, RTÉ sub-branch welcomed the initiative.

He said:

“We would encourage members to take part in the survey. We also want to reach out to those who are not currently members of the union. If we are to be effective in addressing workplace issues, we need to encourage all journalists not just to join but to become active in their union.”

 Séamus Dooley, Irish Secretary said: 

“This survey is part of a suite of measures. Look out for our survey as well as our upcoming seminar on the principles of equal pay, both from a legal and industrial relations perspective. Of course, workers in RTÉ don’t have to wait for the survey if they have specific queries in relation to any aspect of the terms and conditions of employment. They can contact their union representatives, full time official or the RTÉ Trade Union Group.”

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