NUJ response to broadcasting White paper

  • 28 Apr 2022

Union welcomes measures to provide a more level playing field between traditional broadcasters and streaming companies, but condemns privatisation of Channel 4.

Paul Siegert, the NUJ’s national broadcasting officer, said:

“It is time that many of the out-of-date rules around broadcasting were brought up to date. We welcome the news that Netflix and other streaming companies will now be regulated in the same way as traditional broadcasters. For too long they have had an unfair advantage in the way they have operated and the rules they have had to play by. A more level playing field for all broadcasters is welcomed.

“But the issue dominating the White paper is the government’s decision to privatise Channel Four. The whole industry and many in the Conservative Party recognise this is the wrong decision made at the wrong time. Channel Four has never been healthier and why replace something that isn’t broken.

“It is important if the privatisation goes ahead then there are safeguards put in place. We need cast iron guarantees that whoever buys Channel Four will have to commit to keeping the much respected and award winning one-hour nightly news programme.”

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