Mental Health Awareness Week, 2024

  • 15 May 2024

The NUJ’s Disabled Members’ Council sends messages of solidarity and support to our members during Mental Health Awareness Week

The theme as set by the Mental Health Foundation is “Movement: for our mental health” focusing on keeping active to improve mental health and well-being #MomentsForMovement.

In 2022/2023 the Health and Safety Executive revealed that 1.8 million workers reported they were suffering from work-related ill-health, with an estimated 875,000 cases were put down to stress, depression or anxiety. This is an alarming statistic, particularly in our industry where the workload and deadlines piling on pressure can lead to mental distress.  Employers should encourage a better work-life balance, creating a culture which values inclusivity and promotes physical health by finding moments of movement in our daily routine.

The NUJ’s Disabled Members Council said:

“This is an opportune time to reflect on mental well-being in the workplace. Companies should be cultivating a culture which promotes well-being and protects workers.”

Resources for Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

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