Irish Congress of Trade Unions – Support for ‘Ireland For All’ national demonstration

  • 29 Feb 2024

NUJ members can join a national demonstration backed by ICTU in Dublin on Saturday 2nd March, celebrating diversity and showing that discrimination and racism have no place in Ireland.

Owen Reidy, ICTU general secretary, described the ‘Ireland For All’ demonstration, "as a necessary stand against racism which has emerged in Irish society in recent times. With its message of #StandTogether, the event offers an important opportunity to represent the majority of fair-minded people, who will not be intimidated into silence."

David Carroll, ICTU’s Anti-Racism Project Coordinator, said:

“We encourage all progressive groups working for an Ireland free of racism and discrimination, to come together, support each other, and march to celebrate the rich diversity of our country. With hundreds of thousands of migrant workers, the diversity of our workforces and workplaces has never been more apparent, and ICTU is proud to be leading on such necessary anti-racism measures, including our support for this important event.”

Last year, as part of #IrelandForAll, over 50,000 people marched in solidarity. Since then, the voices of the far-right have been amplified, and as a result, a second march has been called for Saturday 2 March at 1.30 pm, Garden of Remembrance.

Séamus Dooley, NUJ assistant general secretary, has been asked to speak on behalf of the ICTU Executive Council.

At the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, our Stronger Together: Anti-Racism Workplaces and Trade Unions Project is working to combat racism and to illustrate the invaluable contributions made to Ireland’s workforce by migrant workers across the island.

Work in the area will see a number of initiatives arriving in the coming months. In March, our Training The Trainers package will launch, and will see union employees and representatives come together to avail of training on how to challenge racism in an effective, sustainable, and inclusive manner. Forthcoming research will shine a light on worker’s experience of racism in an Irish context, while also illustrating the various union-based efforts to respond to such injustices. A Leadership Training progamme will offer a vital opportunity for the voices of Ethnic minority union members to be heard in a meaningful and constructive way and will promote the participation of migrant workers within union structures.

The project aims to help ensure that anti-racism policies and practices are a core collective bargaining tool for unions. The results of this multi-strand project’s work will also be shared in a learning conference, to be hosted by ICTU later this year. 

#StandTogether calls upon everyone to fight for real change, to continue to challenge racism and fight bigotry. Help make this day a massive, joyful event and use this strength to create real and sustainable change for all people in Ireland. 

David Carroll, ICTU Anti-Racism Project Coordinator

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