Iran: authorities must respect journalists’ rights and release those jailed

  • 10 Feb 2023

NUJ joins calls by the International Federation of Journalists for the release of all imprisoned media workers, as the Islamic Republic celebrates its 44th anniversary.

Following the death of Mahsa Amini arrested last year by the morality police for wearing a veil deemed as inappropriate attire, protests have taken place across Iran. Since September 2022, at least 100 journalists have been arrested and detained with at least 20 remaining in prison currently.

As the Islamic Republic of Iran celebrates its 44th anniversary on 11th February, the NUJ and IFJ are urging authorities to restore media freedom in the country and release all journalists wrongly jailed.

Elnaz Mohammadi, Melika Hashemi, Mehrnoush Zarei and Saeedeh Shafiei are four women arrested this year. Lengthy prison sentences, lashes and death sentences are among action taken against journalists and protetsors by government.  

Anthony Bellanger, IFJ general secretary, said:

"We remind the Iranian authorities of their international obligations towards human rights and freedom of speech. We call for the respect of democratic principles in the country and  demand the immediate release of all our colleagues in jail."

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