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Detention of Frenchie Mae Cumpio

Ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 408 urging the release of the Flipino journalist. 

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26 Feb 2024
Iran: journalists threatened by prison authorities

Women journalists among the first to cover Mahsa Amini’s death have received further restrictions whilst imprisoned.

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11 Jan 2024
Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai’s national security trial begins

NUJ repeats its call for an end to the journalist’s persecution, urging the withdrawal of all charges.

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18 Dec 2023
Iran: journalists’ accreditation system threatens media freedom

Journalists in Iran may soon require a government licence to work in the country.  

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26 Sep 2023
Jordan: journalists imprisoned over social media posts

Two journalists have been handed prison sentences after defamation charges were brought under the Internet Crimes law.  

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14 Aug 2023
Turkey: journalist detained for “praising crime and the criminal”

NUJ urges Turkish authorities to release journalist Merdan Yanardağ.

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29 Jun 2023
Tunisia: Khalifa Guesmi sentenced to five years in prison

The Tunis Court of Appeal has imposed the longest prison sentence to a journalist over his failure to disclose his source.

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17 May 2023
Egypt: journalist Hisham Abdelaziz released

The Al Jazeera producer has been freed following almost four years in pre-trial detention.

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04 May 2023
Government announces new National Security Bill amendments

NUJ calls for public interest defence and further changes to the bill to ensure sufficient protections for journalism.

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23 Feb 2023
Russia: journalist sentenced to six years in prison over Telegram post

NUJ calls for release of Maria Ponomarenko, charged with spreading "fake news" in post about a Russian attack on a theatre in Ukraine.

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17 Feb 2023

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