FEU write to Nadine Dorries over Channel 4 privatisation proposals

  • 13 Jun 2022

The Federation of Entertainment Unions has written to Nadine Dorries urging her to reconsider the sale of Channel 4.

In the letter from unions representing over 120,000 members working within the entertainment and creative industries, Dorries is reminded of the value provided by Channel 4, its position as a successful cultural asset, and the strength of feeling against current proposals.

Unions state:

We are deeply concerned that the sale of such a profitable network that gives so much to the UK’s broadcasting and independent production sector will have major consequences for the UK broadcasting landscape. Channel 4 costs the UK taxpayer precisely nothing, yet gives us a thriving independent production sector, thousands of jobs and world-renowned, innovative content. We urge you to reconsider your plans and keep this uniquely British institution in public hands.

The NUJ has repeatedly criticised proposals to sell the broadcaster, recognising it is likely to lead to a decline in the quality offering of programmes and news coverage for viewers. Over 90% of responses to government’s recent consultation opposed privatisation, echoing calls from prominent figures within the industry.

Read the NUJ's briefing on  Channel 4 privatisation.

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