FEU stands in solidarity with Reach members

  • 28 Jul 2022

The Federation of Entertainment Unions supports NUJ members voting in the pay industrial action ballot.

The Federation of Entertainment Unions sends a message of solidarity to all NUJ members working on Reach’s newspapers and associated news websites who are balloting for action over their latest pay offer.

In the present economic climate, with inflation on the rampage, energy prices due to rocket and most other costs on the rise, the offer is not going to cut it in the face of the worst cost of living crisis in 40 years.

The FEU sympathises with Reach journalists who have had a history of poor pay deals, despite doing everything required from them, including the many who have now have to work from home, and pay the heating bills, because their office has been shut and those who strive to hit challenging targets set by the company.

The FEU understands that a thriving, vigorous newspaper industry is vital for democracy and holding local and national power to account. The FEU also questions why the company is being so parsimonious with its workers, when pay package of its chief executive, Jim Mullen, was £4m last year.

Reach should get back to the negotiating table and pay their journalists a decent wage.   

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