British government must not risk safety of journalist Ghazi Ghareeb Zorab

  • 30 Jun 2023

NUJ Parliamentary Group writes to Immigration Minister calling for a halt to the deportation of Zorab to Iraq.

Grahame Morris MP has written in his capacity as co-chair of the NUJ Parliamentary Group to Robert Jenrick, Immigration Minister, seeking an urgent intervention in the journalists’ case.   

He said:

Ghazi is a Kurdish journalist seeking asylum in the UK but now faces grave threat to his life if returned as planned by the Home Office to Jordan, and then to Iraq. The NUJ has voiced concern over his likely treatment by authorities who oppose his journalism including on politics in the Kurdistan region. Credible threats to Ghazi’s life include the possibility of violent attack and torture by those with no regard for media freedom.

I urge you to request a review of his case, asking the Home Office to reconsider its position in light of the dangers posed by his return to Iraq.

Zorab is seeking asylum in the UK, but is scheduled on a flight to Jordan on 1 July and then onwardly to Iraq on 2 July.

He faces threats to his safety if returned, because of his work as a journalist and the NUJ has urged the Home Office to reconsider Zorab’s  case. 

Zorab in blue shirt, third from left. 

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