BBC reps call for director general to streamline management rather than cutting programme makers’ jobs

  • 27 Aug 2020

While huge cuts to journalists' jobs have been proposed in England, at least 15 senior managers could be earning more than £150,000.

A meeting of BBC reps passed the following motion:

This M/FoCs [reps] condemns the fact that the BBC is pressing ahead with devastating cuts to journalists across England, while at least 15 senior managers across the Nations and Regions could be earning £150,000 or more. On top of these there are many other senior managers who could be earning somewhere from £100,000-£150,000 per year.

We recognise the BBC is facing some very serious budget constraints, but we urge the director general and all who are in position of authority, to look at the ratio of managers to staff.

This meeting demands that they prioritise keeping programme makers and those delivering the output and streamline and reduce the management structure in line with other public sector organisations which also face significant budget challenges.


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