Posters in English and Welsh

You can download these posters as A4 or A3. The union can also supply printed copies, email: [email protected] for more information. 

Reasons to join detail
Reasons to join a3 poster

Reasons to join recruitment poster.

25 November 2018
Student recruitment toolkit .jpg
NUJ student recruitment toolkit

A pdf guide for chapels and branches to use and share when building student recruitment campaigns.

10 August 2022
Recruitment poster - Reach plc pay ballot

The NUJ is preparing a formal industrial action ballot of Reach members over the company’s 3% pay offer. Join the NUJ by 31 July 2022 to obtain a vote...

08 July 2022
Protection of sources web graphic.jpg
Protection of Sources poster a4

The NUJ supports its members in upholding the vital principle of protecting sources – a key tenet of journalism.

01 June 2022
Making contact with students guide for branches

Many branches already have a good relationship with their local journalism college/department but, to help others forge links and encourage students t...

12 May 2022
What can the NUJ do for you in publishing poster

What can the NUJ do for you in publishing recruitment poster.

02 March 2020

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We offer support and help detail
Rydym yn Cynnig Cefnogaeth a Chymorth a4 poster

Rydym yn Cynnig Cefnogaeth a Chymorth (We offer support and help) recruitment poster.

24 November 2018
Respect at work detail
Parch yn y gwaith a4 poster

Parch yn y gwaith (Respect at work) recruitment poster.

23 November 2018
Press freedom handcuffs detail
Rhyddid y wasg handcuffs a4 poster

Rhyddid y wasg (Press freedom) handcuffs recruitment poster.

22 November 2018

Welsh posters

Social media images

They are also available as downloaded images designed for use on social media and websites. 

Social media press freedom handcuffs
Social media image: press freedom (handcuffs)

Press freedom poster image to download and use.

18 December 2018
Social media ethical journalism
Social media image: ethical journalism

Ethical journalism poster image to download and use.

18 December 2018
Social media collective voice
Social media image: collective voice

Collective voice poster image to download and use.

18 December 2018

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You can order these images on coasters to promote the union in your office. Contact [email protected]

Recruitment coasters

Recruitment leaflets

Holiday pay graphic
Holiday pay campaign leaflet

Should you be getting paid holiday?

05 November 2019
Image: photographers leaflet
Photographers leaflet

Are you a photographer or videographer? If so, you should join the NUJ

29 January 2019
Image: NUJ student leaflet
NUJ student leaflet

If you’re over 16 and working in student media or on a journalism training course, then the National Union of Journalists is the union for you.

28 September 2018

Badges and logos (members only)

Code of conduct 

Printable version of the code of conduct.

NUJ code of conduct cover
Printable code of conduct

Members of the National Union of Journalists are expected to abide by the following professional principles.

26 September 2018

Stewards armbands

NUJ stewards armbands are available for use at NUJ strikes, picket lines and demonstrations.

Contact the campaigns department for details: [email protected]

Promotional materials

The union has a range of promotional materials available for reps to use for recruitment events and activity.

NUJ mugs, bags, pens and button badges are available.


To order copies of recruitment materials and promotional items, please contact the NUJ campaigns and communications department: [email protected]

You can also create your own recruitment and campaigns publicity and promotional items, contact the NUJ campaigns and communications department for more information.