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DM2021: Covid-19

Conference heard and discussed a range of motions relating to the effect of Covid-19 on members, the way they work and how the NUJ should respond.

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23 May 2021
NUJ Branch July 2020

Annabelle Collins, Health Service Journal senior correspondent, reveals what it was like to work at the sharp-end as  a specialist during the pandemic and tutor Carole Holmes on how the union can be there to help colleagues avoid mental distress and solve their problems.

Cover: NUJ Branch July 2020

17 Jul 2020
IFJ urges media to report responsibly on coronavirus crisis

Global federation encourages all media to report verified, accurate and factual information.

Key Chinese doctor-whistleblower dies from coronavirus

NUJ and IFJ express solidarity with whistleblowers and journalists who are braving their lives to report on the virus.

07 Feb 2020