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NUJ DM Resolutions 2021

The DM 2021 Resolutions booklet lists all the decisions taken at the union's conference.

30 Sep 2021
DM2021: Tributes paid to Members of Honour 

The union’s latest Members of Honour – Gary Younge, Aidan White and Mary Curtin – were announced to Delegate Meeting on video. 

25 May 2021
DM 2021: Late notice motions (international)

DM agreed motions on media freeedom, Palestine and Black Lives Matter

23 May 2021
DM2021: Covid-19

Conference heard and discussed a range of motions relating to the effect of Covid-19 on members, the way they work and how the NUJ should respond.

23 May 2021
DM 2021: Late notice motions

A significant proportion of time on Saturday was dedicated to tackling late notice motions covering various themes.

22 May 2021
DM2021: the Journalist magazine

Online or print? Delegates were divided.

22 May 2021
DM 2021: Organisation

Name change. Reps' summit. Report to branches and chapels.

22 May 2021
DM 2021: Trade union and employment rights

Conference discussed maternity rights, freelance rights, trade union recognition and home working.

22 May 2021
DM 2021: Finance

Conference agreed to a subs increase.

22 May 2021
DM 2021: Wages, payments and conditions

The union's conference pledges to fight for various improvements for NUJ members.

22 May 2021

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