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NUJ calls out “sexist” Spectator column

The chairs of the union’s Ethics and Equality Councils have written to the editor of the Spectator over a “sexist and degrading” column published by the magazine.

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Finance conference: subs, recruitment and more

NUJ members met for lively discussion and a chance to contribute ideas at the conference exploring how to build a fair subscriptions structure.


28 Mar 2024
Exploring the NUJ code of conduct 

Protection of sources, accuracy and artificial intelligence were focal points in the NUJ Ethics council webinar.  

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08 Feb 2024
NUJ condemns use of party-political pledges on departmental press releases

The union's Ethics council has called for an end to the practice after Conservative party pledges appeared on a recent release.

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IPSO must act on negative narratives about disabled people and welfare recipients

The union’s Ethics and Disabled Members councils have urged the regulator to insist on ethical reporting.

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05 Jul 2023
NUJ welcomes anti-SLAPP amendments but repeats call for standalone legislation from government

Union calls for journalists' protections on all SLAPP cases, and not those limited in scope to economic crime. 

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13 Jun 2023
NUJ welcomes police back down on naming suspects

Ethics Council chair, Professor Chris Frost says it is vital that the public should know who has been charged in their name with breaches of the law.

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NUJ challenges proposed changes to police guidance which could mean suspects charged with offences are not named

The NUJ has added its voice to concerns over draft College of Policing guidance which would give forces in England and Wales the option of not releasing the names of people charged with offences.

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Government must act now to clamp down on Slapps

The NUJ is deeply concerned about the shocking reports revealing the UK government helped Yevgeny Prigozhin, a sanctioned ally of Putin ally and leader of the mercenary army Wager Group, sue British journalist Eliot Higgins.


SLAPPs: a threat to journalists and media freedom worldwide

Hear from our panel including investigative journalists who have faced SLAPPs action. Submit a response to government’s consultation closing 19 May.

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